“Monday 5 Things” with D. Paul Graham…..One Way Or Another…..

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Monday 5 Things…..One Way or Another…..

With apologies should you find yourself repeatedly humming the song that has nothing to do with this morning’s missive. Directions. Choices. Hundreds of them. Every day we choose to take one direction over another. To go one way or another. Some decisions are made, directions are taken, in a split second without even thinking. Other directions and choices are made after arduous, gut wrenching decision points and experiences in life. Directions chosen from taking our time, cultivating, ruminating; pondering over the ramifications, complications and consequences of a decision to be made. Other directions taken from decisions made in the heat of the moment, the excitement of the heart, or the thrill of living and loving passionately. Today’s M5T reconsiders the alternatives of taking one way or another.

1. Talk over Text.

Give me connecting with real facial expressions over emojis. I’ll take social interaction over social media. Thinking for myself over what the media tells me. I’ll take asking why, repeatedly just to understand, over being silent and leaving things unsaid. I want to listen, really listen, to understand nuances of a voice and body language over just pretending to be interested.

2. Higher purpose over the Expectations of Others.

I’ll take solitude over loneliness. Silence over meaningless words. I’ll take being in control and responsible over being dictated to. I’ll take the positive over the negative. I want forgiveness and grace over holding onto pain and disappointment. I’ll take living for a higher purpose and a calling over simply being driven. I’ll take the focus of perspective over the blur of exclusion; faith and reverence over disbelief and disdain.

3. Adventure over Monotony.

I’ll take new cultures, new foods, new smells and new languages over complacency. The challenge of the unknown over the comfort of the known. Risk over assurance. Rejuvenating over suppressing. I’d rather have fewer true friends over many acquaintances. I’ll take an airport over a highway. A fast car over anything else on wheels. I’ll break a senseless rule over being silent and passive.

4. Experience over Virtual Reality.

I want to deeply experience happiness and peace, and to truly laugh and love over feeling comfortably numb. I want to embrace the lessons of hurt, pain and mistakes over fear of failure, trusting or trying. Make me think, feel and express myself over being placated. I’ll take the vulnerability of trusting and loving over the safety of withholding from others. I’d rather have gut splitting laughter or heartbroken tears over being indifferent and hard-hearted.

5. Creativity over the Uninspired.

I want to be challenged by the unknown and the uncomfortable over the sheltered and insulated. I’ll make choices that excite over those that are unimaginative. Pushing myself physically, emotionally and spiritually over leaving myself unchallenged. I’ll make the effort to reinvigorate passion over the ease and neglect of lethargy. I want to be brought to tears over a book, a photograph, a sketch or a painting over neglecting to see, feel and experience the beauty that is all around me.

Here’s to a week of owning the outcomes of choosing one way or the other that constantly shape and reshape your life.

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