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Monday 5 Things…..Patience…..

Last week I had the privilege of photographing Tibetan monks as they created a sand mandala in Savannah. It was a humbling experience on a number of levels. Peace, persecution and patience were three powerful words that came to mind as I watched and photographed their work. The peace that the monks exhibited was extraordinary, given the religious persecution that Tibetan monks continue to experience. Their patience over four days, adding one grain of sand at a time toward completing the mandala, was the inspiration for today’s M5T. 

1. Patience defines.

Patience creates confidence, certainty, and a credible viewpoint, which eventually leads to accomplishing your goals and dreams. Patience through pain, loss, failure and disappointments can shape our future direction and the essence of who we are.

2. Patience can be a battle.

It is easy to become impatient and frustrated. Both of which can build undue anxiety, fear and self-made obstacles. Impatience and frustration focus on external issues. Patience is trusting that still inner voice that only comes from experience, from understanding where your faith rests, and from drawing on the wisdom of life’s lessons.

3. Patience is power.

Tolstoy said that the two most powerful warriors are patience and time. Often being patient can be seen by others as being weak or passive, when it is more often than not, a very active state and a position of dominance. There is tremendous power in waiting, watching, listening, and then acting at just the right moment. Patience is mighty armor that can be both a shield and a sword.

4. Patience is a discipline.

Patience means waiting, knowing your moment will come. Patience means trusting yourself when it seems wrong to do so. It means delaying gratification for a greater choice, a higher purpose, and for emotional and spiritual peace.  It is a discipline of moving toward a goal and dream then trusting the flow, knowing you are moving in the right direction despite setbacks, obstacles or needed detours.

5. Patience affects your time.

Patience lets you take things as they come and grants you the persistence to see them through. Patience allows clarity to better focus on what is truly important to you. Patience lets you slow down at those times when everything seems to be spinning out of control. Patience sets parameters, both for your life and the push and pull of others on your time. A pause of patience can be a source of inner peace and happiness. Exercising patience can often be the best use of your time.

Here’s to a week of exercising patience in all you do and encounter.

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