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Five V’s in Three Letters

Monday 5 Things…..Five V’s in Three Letters…..

Gordon McDonald wrote two books that impacted my life. The first was ‘Ordering Your Private World” – that book taught me the difference between being driven or called in life. The second book, “Renewing Your Spiritual Passion” in which he talked about five different people that will impact your life. Gordon’s discussion of those five types of people changed how I viewed leadership. On some recent flights, I took the opportunity to shut out the world for a bit and re-read the second book. With a nod to Mr. Gordon, today M5T considers these “V’s” that we all encounter in life, leadership, and legacies.

1. VIP’s

Yes, that V. Very Important People. The kind of people that understand your passion and do what they can to help you with your passions, your vision and dreams. They are loyal and can keep a secret. They are truthful with you in ways that others are not. They are the first to point out your strengths and will be the first to point out your weaknesses or your errors. VIP’s keep you grounded, focused and won’t let you take yourself too seriously.

2. VNP’s

Very Nice People. They are a pleasure to be around and are usually encouraging, but don’t necessarily understand your vision or your dream; nor do they necessarily want to. They like you for who you are and are not impressed by what you do or what you have. You enjoy their company and they genuinely enjoy yours. They can be your biggest cheerleaders in life, but you need to be careful that your head doesn’t swell too much from their applause.

3. VTP’s

Very Teachable People. As a leader, these people are important to have on your team. They want to be mentored, to learn and to grow. You often will open up your life with VTP’s in ways you don’t with others. The impact you have on VTP’s can be a part of your leadership legacy.

4. VDP’s

Very Draining People. They sap your energy. They take more than they give. Their agenda is usually to take what they can from you. They are often negative and don’t want to see you succeed. They are quick to point out mistakes or problems but rarely offer up solutions.

5. VRP’s

Very Resourceful People. VRP’s are essential to your success. They help you grow; they share their wisdom. They are often inspirational to you and can help you get things done. They rarely see problems; they typically only seeing solutions. They themselves are often mentors, coaches, and your greatest resource in good times and bad.

Here’s to a week of surrounding yourself with the right V’s.

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