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Super Powers

Monday 5 Things…..Super Powers…..

Waiting for the red-eye from SJC back to ATL, I smiled as the young boy zipped around the Delta Sky Lounge with his cape pretending to fly. When I asked him who he was, he stopped, put his hands on his hips in a true superhero pose, and told me somewhat indignantly that he was Superman, as if I should have known. His confidence got me thinking about the superpowers that we all have, but which we may not pay enough attention to, or use as much as we should.

1. Words

When used for good, words have tremendous power. Chosen well and used at the right time, words have the power to inspire and energize; to grant grace and forgiveness; to be catalysts for change and healing. They can transform and build up others and create images and open minds.

2. Silence

At times more powerful than words, silence can conserve energy and develop creativity. It allows others to speak and gives the silent party time to listen; to understand. Silence can diffuse an argument and build trust. The silence of a pause will often keep someone else talking, allowing you to find out more information. Silence can center you as you start your day or bring clarity to moments of confusion.

3. Laughter

Laughter is an incredible superpower. Laughing can help us unwind and loosen up. Laughing, particularly at ourselves, has the power to release anxiety and change a negative disposition to an upbeat attitude. Laughter adds joy and neutralizes tense situations. The power of laughter is attractive, healing, comforting and is contagious.

4. Failures

The most powerful failures in my life are what I call my spectacular failures. Failures are essential to life. Failures have the power to teach, to temper, and to transform. Failure has the power to bring us one step closer to achieving what we want in life; to make us even more resolute and steadfast to continue moving forward with our dreams. Failure has the power to be a stimulus to success.

5. Mind

The full use of our mind may be the most under-utilized of our superpowers. Positive thoughts release neurochemicals that affect whether we see our day, our world and ourselves in positive or negative terms. Using our mind and developing our intellect cultivates emotional maturity, wisdom and situational awareness. Your mind influences behavior and is the gear shift for your actions and reactions. The superpower of your mind fosters passions, creativity and disciplines. It has the power to solve problems and allows you to recognize risks and vulnerabilities that can impact your life. Your mind can be used to visualize success, to conquer fears, bolster your stamina and sustain your strength through the challenges and valleys of life.

Here’s to nurturing, advancing and using your very own superpowers today and every day.

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