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Monday 5 Things…..Passions…..

Pebble Beach. Synonymous with some of the best golf anywhere in the world. But for the past 64 years, for one week in August, Pebble Beach, along with Monterey and Carmel, becomes the epicenter for automobiles, old, new, exotic and conceptual for the Concours d’Elegance. I was up early again this year to participate in the Dawn Patrol on Concours Sunday. A gentle mist and low-lying fog from Carmel Bay mixed with the rich smell of exhaust as the cavalcade of cars began to enter and fill the 18th fairway; the parade perfectly planned with dawn. I found the same bench that I sat on last year, closed my eyes for a long moment and let the sights, the sounds and the smells envelop me. And once again this year, I met some incredibly humble car owners and collectors, curators and car enthusiasts, all who were willing to talk about their cars. Their passion was infectious. Today M5T shares some thoughts on passions in our lives.

1. Pay Attention

To your passions. Capitalize on what you know. What makes your heart, your thoughts and your creativity race? What is effortless to you? What have been the high points in your life? Pay attention to those; pay attention to those passions.

2. Nurture

Consider where you want to be. Be open to listening to others who share your passion; learn from them, let their enthusiasm be a catalyst for your passions. Recall what you loved as a child; what you dreamt, what excited you. Develop, encourage, exercise and foster your childhood dreams and passions.

3. Purpose

Keep moving on a path of self-discovery. I don’t agree that you should follow your passions. I believe you should lead with your passions as so often your passions shape your calling in life. Embrace that calling. Live your calling with passion.

4. No Limits

Don’t ignore your passions. Expand your map. Don’t hold back your emotions for what is most important to your life. Know your strengths and feed them. Let your passions fuel your dreams.

5. Be Intentional.

Experiment. Have a mindset of always looking for opportunities to learn. Your passions can be an incredible map that can lead you to new opportunities, new experiences and new focus in life. Let your passions raise the bar in your life. People will recognize genuine passion. Your passion can encourage, lead, motivate and change lives.

Here’s to a passion filled week.

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