"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

Monday 5 Things…..Life’s Mysteries…..

I found myself thinking about life’s mysteries this past week and came across a quote from distinguished professor and theologian, Henri Nouwen: “The mystery of one man is too immense and too profound to be explained by another man.” Hence this morning, M5T heeds Nouwen’s advice, and will not attempt to explain mysteries. Rather, your scribe will share some of life’s greatest mysteries pondered, some serious, some less than staid.

1. Words

How cruel is it that “lisp” has an s in the word? Why is there one word for “thesaurus?” Who decided the alphabet should be in that order? Why are there five syllables in “monosyllabic?” What is a vestal virgin, and why are sixteen of them leaving for the coast? What do they have to do with a lighter shade of pale?

2. Women

Yeah, I’ve got nothing here. Enough said.

3. Pain and Happiness

R.M. Drake said, “It must be madness, the way we let things devour us. The way we let the things we want out, back in. And the horror of it all is, we stay attracted to everything that hurts. We cling to it and never really learn to let go. So perhaps we do want happiness, but we also desire to keep the pain close. Close enough to destroy us, close enough to define us, and close enough to make us feel a little less cold.”

4. Human Behavior

Why is it that we can easily recognize prejudice and bias in others, but rarely in ourselves? Why do we push elevator buttons over and over when the elevator is slow to arrive? Why are time-wasting meetings tolerated? Why are we so easily able to lie when it takes so much mental effort? Especially when we know the truth will ultimately be easier? Why do we generally not value our time? At a movie theater which arm rest is yours? Why do I leave so many apps open on my iPhone?

5. Positive and Negatives

Why do some people laugh easier than others? Why do we allow ourselves to ignore our dreams? Why is it easier to believe negativity about ourselves? Why do we argue with ourselves internally? Why do we procrastinate with difficult or complex decisions when we know how relieved we will be when the task is finished, or a decision is made? Why is mediocrity tolerated and accepted? Why do we choose not to be positive? Why are there no “B” batteries? 

Here’s to a week of embracing and taking time to attempt to unravel the mysteries in your life.

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