"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

Emotions and states of our lives that can be catalysts for changing our circumstances.

Monday 5 Things…..Can’t Coexist…..

On a conference call this week with a CEO and investors, we discussed a few things that can’t coexist.  This morning’s M5T takes a closer look at emotions and states of our lives that can be catalysts for change because such contrasting circumstances cannot coexist for extended periods of time.

1. Comfort and Growth

Comfort is stasis. Growth comes from stepping out of your comfort zone. Growth emboldens a desire to lead. Growth is about working toward your dreams. Stepping out of a comfort zone means embracing challenges. Success is accepting failure as an outcome. Shunning comfort exposes yourself to ideas, people, skills. Growth comes from recognizing and taking opportunities. Growth is achieved from taking risks and embracing the unknown. Growth is realizing you are part of something larger than just yourself.

2. Anger and Serenity

Anger separates, it polarizes. Serenity centers and unifies. Anger creates fog and uncertainty. Serenity centers and creates clarity. Anger dwells on negativity. Serenity focuses on the positive. Anger is toxic. Serenity heals, mentally and physically. Anger breeds discontent and vengeance. Serenity allows room for forgiveness and grace.

3. Frustration and Success

Frustration comes from opposition, resistance, blocks and walls. Success opens our eyes to discovery and forms perseverance by redefining obstacles. Frustration creates anxiety, confusion and takes an inordinate amount of energy. Success emboldens, refreshes and builds self-confidence. Frustration comes from obsessing and being misinformed. Success comes from being patient, trusting your process and being cognizant.  Frustration comes a feeling of not having an ability to influence, of being out of control and demands immediate change, often dependent upon others to make those changes. Success comes from believing in and taking control of your life, your dreams, your time; it is understanding the power of delayed satisfaction and being responsible for your own actions without dependence on others for change. Frustration blinds you to the blessings you have all around you. Success channels and feeds optimism and opens your eyes to opportunities.

4. Suck and Blow

One of my “Graham-isms” of life. Try it, but please put your coffee down first so you don’t burn yourself. It’s impossible to do. In other words, don’t speak out of both sides of your mouth; have your own opinion. Make an informed decision and act on it. Make a choice and move forward.

5. Folly and Wisdom

King Solomon had a few things to say about folly and wisdom. Folly comes from ignorance; it is framed by short-term thinking and can result in long-term tragic consequences. Wisdom develops from experience, insight and choices. Folly is undisciplined and petulant. Wisdom builds character and effects disciplined thinking and lifestyle.

Here’s to a week of making coherent informed choices of what you want to exist in your life.

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