"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

Monday 5 Things…..What If Today…..

Today’s missive is a result of a man, a moment, a movie, a memory and a meme. As we start another week heading into the latter half of this year, M5T deliberates, very simply with questions, asking which “What If’s” can change our lives.

1. Perfection

What if today you stopped trying to be perfect? Salvador Dali said, “Have no fear of perfection, you’ll never reach it.” Wise words to start a week.

2. Gratitude

What if today you found reasons to be grateful instead of reasons to be negative? What if today you made gratitude a cornerstone of your life? What if today you challenged yourself to not complain or make excuses for a week?

3. Dream

What if today you took real steps toward visualizing and realizing your dream? What if today you stopped listening to naysayers and underestimating yourself? What if today you were willing to step out without fear of failure?

4. Forgiveness

What if today you forgive someone, even if they don’t deserve it. Even if they haven’t asked for forgiveness. Even if that someone is you… for past behavior, action or decisions?

5. Love

What if today you commit to overcoming negative beliefs about yourself and devoting the rest of the year to loving yourself more?

Here’s to a week of being candid with ourselves, and for having the courage and commitment to make whatever your “What If’s” are, a reality for your life.

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D. Paul Graham is passionate about people, culture, photography and business. He has embraced his wanderlust with his travels around the globe and is at peace with his need for spirited drives in all things automotive.

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