"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

Monday 5 Things…..“I’ll Take W’s for $200 Alex”…..

Today’s M5T was inspired while driving at undisclosed speeds, on undisclosed red clay Georgia back-roads singing along with Daltrey at an undisclosed volume, all while attempting to keep up the syncopation on the steering wheel with Moon’s brilliant drumming. It would not have been appropriate or safe for me to mimic Townsend’s guitar windmill at that moment, so I refrained, and focused on keeping the car between the ditches. For the next 90 minutes of the drive, ‘Who Are You’ sparked abstract, random, metaphysical, and convergent questions of all sorts that I asked about myself, and about who I really am; resulting in today’s missive that poses questions for all of us to ask.

1. Who

Who are you? Ahhh, yes. The ever-complex life question that many refuse to ask themselves, or rarely want to know the answer to. We can only hide behind facades and masks for so long. But, until we figure who we really are, by and large, it is hard to image that life will be truly fulfilling or as exciting as it could be. Who we choose as life partners, business partners and friends is dictated by understanding who we really are. The remaining W’s below ask how well we really know ourselves.

2. What

What are your goals; your dreams? What are your ambitions? What will be your legacy in life? What gets you excited, what makes you sad? What makes you laugh, and what makes you cry? What do you love? What do you abhor? What is your super-power… that thing that makes you unique? What are your values, your beliefs? What is your ‘So That’ in life? What is keeping you from doing the things you truly want to do in life? What is the one thing you can do today to better yourself? What is the one thing you can do today to make things better for someone else?

3. Where

Where do you spend your time? Where do you want to go explore, to experience, to change? Where do you find meaning? Where do you go to recharge, to find balance, to find order? Are you where you want to be? Where are your successes and where are your failures? Where is your focus, your raison d’être? Where do you put your faith? Where are you in your journey?

4. When

When do you push back and say enough is enough? When do you keep moving forward despite the challenges you face, and when do you quit? When do you take risks? When do you feel creative? When are you strong and when are you vulnerable? When do you continue to fight and when do you retreat to battle another day? When do you recognize the hurt in others and when do you do something about it? When will you take responsibility for you?

5. Why

Why do you do the things you do? Why do we judge ourselves by our intentions, yet judge others by their actions? Why are we fearful? Why are we fearless? Why do we love the way we do? Why accept mediocrity… accepting less than what we can accomplish in life? Why do we flood our thoughts with negativity? Why do we dream? Why do we chase those dreams, or why do we not? Why don’t we speak your minds? Why do we lose the wonder of a child? Why do we let others define us; telling us who they think we should be? Why be silent? Why accept drama? Why… when each and every one of us can make a difference?

Here’s to those un-refrained moments in life and to understanding the W’s in your life

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D. Paul Graham is passionate about people, culture, photography and business. He has embraced his wanderlust with his travels around the globe and is at peace with his need for spirited drives in all things automotive.

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