"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

Monday 5 Things…..Changed Perspective…..

I recently acquired a drone. Well two actually. The first is somewhere off shore in the depths of the intercoastal water way near Tybee Island, but that’s a different story. The drone and its camera have given me an entirely new perspective for my photography. It has changed how I see light and objects that I photograph. The drone also gave me pause to consider perspectives I have been holding onto in my life. Today’s M5T looks at changing perspectives as motivated by a drone.

1. Choose

You can change your perspective by making choices, by shaking up the dusty parts of your life, by doing something completely different and unexpected. Choose courage over comfort. Choose to be bold in your choices… in what’s right for you. You have freewill – make the most of it and be prepared to accept the consequences for your choices. Let negative and caustic people go from your life. You can choose to be positive and to push negativity aside.

2. Options

You have the option to either make progress or make excuses. Consider why your perspective is the way it is. You have the option to change; to broaden your horizons, your life experiences. Get out of your own way. Take a trip even if to a part of your city you’ve never seen. Pick up a book instead of sitting in front of a television or computer screen. You have an option of who you spend your time with. Recognize your options then seize them. You have the option to wake up earlier or to sleep in later. It’s on you to identify and act on opportunities that you encounter each and every day.

3. Value

Know your worth and don’t discount yourself. Ever. Refuse to let others tell you what you are not. Act instead of being acted upon. Be victorious, not a victim. Value your time, money, yourself, and your true friends. Know yourself, then live who you are, live a life that moves you toward your dreams.

4. Create

Don’t wait for opportunity, create it. There is always a way out with a changed perspective. You’re only stuck if you stop moving. Learn something new. Take some time to slow down – even stop – to look at what is going on around you, to look at the way light is falling. Dare to dream, and don’t be afraid to dream big. But don’t stop there. Be audacious. Make a conscious decision to create a life that moves you toward making your dreams your reality.

5. Evaluate

Evaluate what is holding you back. Consider the decisions you have to make. Gauge what is keeping from making decisions. Seek advice and counsel from those you trust. Be productive and avoid procrastination. Will the issue causing you to worry really matter tomorrow, next week, next month, next year, next decade? Embrace your failures and put those lessons learned to your benefit.

Here’s to a week of changed perspectives and moving forward in your life.

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