"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

Monday 5 Things….Know and No…..

Two simple words; two profound words of significance and definition in our lives. What do we know about ourselves and then purposefully, consciously choose to build into our lives? To what, and to whom, should we say no? Today’s M5T considers know and no.

1. Priorities

Know what matters most to you in your life, your dreams, and who you want to be. Know and define your goals and objectives. Write them down. Then say no to things that extract your time, energy, and money, or take away from the primary objectives for your life. Say no to procrastination. Say no to people who are toxic. Say no to those that want to squash your dreams. Say no to those that only take and rarely give.

2. Focus

Know what to focus on. Know what allows you to focus. Find those times of the day that afford you the freedom to contemplate, pray, concentrate, center yourself, to plan, and to dream. Say no to distractions, disruptions and disorder.

3. So That

Years ago, I learned the importance of having a “so that” in my life. Your “so that” is what you do, where you spend your time, what and whom you invest in, “so that” you realize and live the greater purpose for your time here on earth. Your “so that” moves you toward your dreams and deepens your relationships. Your “so that” is your calling. Take whatever time you need, and do whatever you need to do, to recognize your own “so that”, then own it. Nourish your “so that”. Say no to what others may want you to do that goes against your “so that”. Say no to those that don’t want to understand you.

4. Happiness

Know what makes you happy – truly and profoundly happy. Seek out mental, physical and spiritual peace. Know what you are missing in your life and pursue the absent pieces. Remember what made you happy as a child. If you’ve let that go, grab ahold of it again, no matter how silly you may feel. Know what feels effortless to you and then embrace it, embellish on it. Say no to momentary shallow moments of fleeting pleasures that feed your ego, insecurities, or fears. Say no to those that are emotionally destructive.

5. Intentional

Know each of one-through-four today in your life and then be intentional, committed, unwavering and ruthless about carrying out each one of them in your life… all day, every day. Be intentional in recognizing and being thankful for how blessed you are, how much abundance you have. Be intentional in loving, laughing and living. Be intentional in your compassion, and in your giving. Be intentional each day to find the right words, the right action, the right gesture, for a random act of kindness to someone else, and then be intentional in not expecting anything back in return. Say no to complaining about inconvenience, to harboring hatred, and to being unwilling to forgive. Recognize when you need to say no and walk away.

Here’s to a week of recognizing the difference between your know’s and your no’s and then nurturing and living your “so that”.

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