"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

Monday 5 Things…..Just Pause…..

I once again found myself interloping whilst trying to enjoy an overpriced caffeinated cup of morning goodness. The couple was arguing – albeit relatively quietly – I’m sure, as not to upset the harried baristas. Between their whispers, gestures, eyes rolling, guffaws and exasperated sighs, it dawned on me that neither was listening to the other. Even I was confused as to who was saying what, who was blaming whom, and who did what to offend the other. It dawned on me that one, or both of them, just needed to take a pause to calm down. Hence today’s M5T, takes a breath to explore the benefits and power of a pause.

1. Time to think

Taking a pause allows you to reflect on your inner voice, and to block outer noise. It gives you time to think about what you want to say, and reflect on what is being said to you. A pause lets you clear your mind, to strategize, to temper your response.

2. Avoid destruction

How often have you said something that as soon as the words crossed your lips – or as you hit send on an email, text or social media post – that you instantly regretted it? Taking a pause allows you to calm down in emotionally charged situations. A pause lets you give an appropriate response. It gives you time to redirect negativity with positive energy. 

3. Others will talk

A pause can be a powerful tactic, especially when taking a position or negotiating. A pause creates a void. Silence is uncomfortable to most people in communication. People will try to fill that void with words. Your pause allows you to get more information, and to better understand the person talking, which will give you the opportunity to make better decisions. 

4. You listen

A pause allows you the opportunity to avoid interrupting others. It can be a sign of respect to the other person. A pause allows you to consider what is being said, and perhaps even more importantly, to listen to what is not being said, and to read between the lines.

5. Just breathe

Pause to take a breath – sometimes a really deep breath. As your eyes open up in bed, as the demands of your day come screaming at you in the morning, take a moment to pause; to center your mind and prepare yourself for the day. Take a pause in the midst of the hectic hours, or sometimes minutes of your day. Pause to find balance, to regain your self-restraint, as you move through your day. Consciously pause as you leave your house, pause as you get out of the car, as you enter or leave your office. Pause to find balance, exercise self-restraint. and get a hold of your emotions.

Here’s to the pauses in your week. May they bring peace, thoughtfulness and calm for the days ahead.

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