"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

Monday 5 Things…..On Fire…..

It was the moment of peace that I have been needing; craving. The sun had set, the birds had gone silent. The tide unhurriedly, yet deliberately, worked its way up the river, overflowing back into the marsh. Slowly sipping and savoring a glass of wine, the flames and coals of the fire reflected in my glass; its embers lazily floating upwards, illuminating the Spanish moss on the canopy of trees above the fire pit. The leaves overhead became strange, iridescent glowing points of light; outshone only by the stars of the Milky Way undisturbed by nonexistence city light. I deeply inhaled the woodsy fragrance of burning pine, as blue-grey smoke drifted over the dock, quickly disappearing into the darkness over the marshland. Inwardly, I thanked God for this moment; fire, and today’s M5T took form.

1. Fire transforms

It can consume and devastate, or it can purify. The beauty and value of gold can only be obtained through fire… much like the parts of our lives that need to change, they can only transform as we walk through fiery trials and tribulations. Fire can provide life-giving warmth, or it can yield devastating destruction. It can bring clarity to situations that have become unrecognizable, by burning away underbrush and weeds that strangle growth. Fire can provide illumination and insight; heat and healing.

2. Fires need to be built

All fires start with kindling and a spark. The best fires – the fires that last the longest and burn the brightest – are well built. Properly built fires in our lives can provide warmth, joy and love. Poorly built fires can create discomfort, pain and ruin.

3. Fires need to be stoked

Well-tended fires radiate, grow steadily and are slow to burn out. Stoked fires need fuel at the right moment to grow. The fueled fires of our lives allow for passion, enthusiasm, and growth to permeate our will, our drive and our relationships.

4. Fire needs boundaries

Fire’s energy can be positive or negative. Greek philosophers tied the element of fire to passion and power. Both of which – without boundaries – can become destructive. Unchecked, a fire can melt and liquify. A fire must be contained and controlled to be positive. It can be used to emanate love or spread hate. It can be beautiful or furious, yet it is always powerful.

5. Fire has many layers

The “whoosh” of a fire that starts is hypnotic and mesmerizing. Skyward reaching, dancing flames of red, orange and yellow are the most visible at the top of a fire. The crackle of wood, the sparks that fly upward, and the rich scent of smoke that pleasantly permeates clothing are intoxicating, yet only describe one part of a fire. The energy needed to sustain the fiery colors – the element that provides the real warmth and energy – is found underneath in the white-hot coals. The hotter the coals, the more intense the fire at the top.

Here’s to a week of well-built fires in your life wife with purity and clarification in all that you do.

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D. Paul Graham is passionate about people, culture, photography and business. He has embraced his wanderlust with his travels around the globe and is at peace with his need for spirited drives in all things automotive.

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