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Monday 5 Things…..Living Wealthy…..

A recent re-re-re-read of another one of my favorite books, Napoleon Hill’s famous tome, “Think and Grow Rich”, got me thinking about common characteristics of some of the really wealthy people that I know. And I’m talking the kind of wealth that, should they so decide, they would never have to work another day of their lives — but they don’t even contemplate such a way of life. Instead they stay focused on their goals, their companies, their families and their chosen path in life. Today’s M5T considers some of the characteristics of the lives of wealthy people that anyone can adapt to affect. Not just monetary wealth, but to also have a rich and fulfilling life of experience and success.

1.  Higher purpose

The wealthiest I know genuinely love what they are doing in life. They are excited to get up every morning to tackle what is set out before them. They relentlessly go after what they want, and don’t settle for second best. They pray, meditate and give generously of both their time and money for important causes in their lives. Most have a contagious and genuinely positive attitude in their outlook on life, and are constantly raising their own bars; thriving on meeting existing and future goals.

2.  Avoid the frivolous

The wealthiest I know are extremely careful of how they spend their “free” time. They typically choose reading — voraciously so — as a means of continuously and constantly learning over “vegging out” in front of a television at the end of a day. They observe insatiably to expand their understanding of who and what surrounds them. They know when to disconnect from the clamor and crowds of day-to-day life to think, to plan, to recharge and refocus. They often sleep less hours than most, work tirelessly and abhor procrastination.

3.  Ask questions

They wealthiest I know ask questions. A lot of questions. They actively listen to learn about, and to understand others. They are engaged and engaging. They tend not to participate in gossip. They question everything to flourish, not to just exist in life. They question themselves, constantly seeking to edit and evolve their lives in relation to where they currently are in comparison to where they want to be.

4.  Significant failures

The wealthiest I know have experienced significant – often multiple – failures in their lives. Most have owned their own businesses and have faced bankruptcies, broken relationships with friends, divorces, shattered dreams, or desires for power or position in life that have been lost or taken away. In every case, the wealthiest have chosen to learn from failures rather than dwell on them. Failures become a foundation to build upon. They don’t blame others, and take responsibility for their failures, realizing that the choices they make have dictated results and directions in life. They don’t live on wishes, choosing action and reality of what they can affect and effect right now in their lives, not what could or might be in fairytale endings.

5. Long term perspective

Bill Gates once said that "Most people overestimate what they can do in one year and underestimate what they can do in ten years." The wealthiest I know take a long-term perspective – with everything. They shun short-term thrills for long-term satisfaction and security. They invest and diversify for the long term, and take a wise approach to debt. They appreciate that time truly can smooth and work things out, and recognize that — at any given point in time — situations are never as good as they may seem, nor are ever as bad as they may seem. They have a mindset of never quitting, but are comfortable in knowing when to adjust direction, evolve their plans, (re)educate themselves, or change and adapt in the face of reality as may be necessary.

Here’s to a week of life in richness and wealth in all that you do.

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