"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

Monday 5 Things…..Happy Thanksgiving Eh…..

As US banks and financial institutions take a break today for Columbus Day, north of the 49th parallel our Canadian friends are marking the change in seasons and celebrating Thanksgiving. Here are some of the things going on today in the Great White North.

1. Timmies and Television

Even though every other store is closed today, Canadians are still able to wait in the drive-through for their double-double coffee from Tim Hortons, affectionately known by all Canucks as “Timmies”. They bought a box of Timbits for the kids but ate most of them on the way home. As unbelievable as this may seem, there are only two – yes only two – football games to watch on TV in Canada on Thanksgiving.

2. Take Off Ya' Hoser

Hockey gear bags large enough to fill a car trunk are taken out, cleaned, aired out (note – experienced hosers know to turn their face away when first opening the bag or risk losing lunch) and prepped for the coming season. Many still play in adult hockey leagues, even though they have lost a stride or two – or ten – streaking down the ice. They still have visions of The Great One, Bobby, Stan, Phil, Dougie, Brett, Guy, Jacques, Yvan or Maurice as they rush down the ice, two-on-one in their Bauer Supreme 1S blades, arching their CCM Ribcor Trigger hockey stick high behind their back with an eye to slapping the puck past a deked-out goalie into the net’s five-hole.

3. Camps, Beer and Snow

Many may have spent this weekend, closing up the “camp”. They marvel at the intense colo(u)rs on the trees, and still secretly love the way their nostrils stick together in the cold morning air. Questions as to whether another “two-four” of Molson’s, Labatt’s or Moosehead should have been bought before the Beer Store closed run through minds as toques are pulled a little lower on heads. For those in Calgary, many are waxing their ski’s, or may still be shoveling out from the record-breaking gift of 15 inches of snow received four days ago.

4. Lord Stanley

Outwardly, fans in Toronto “just know” this will be the year the Maple Leaf’s will win “The Cup”. Inwardly they are bracing to have their hearts broken yet again. Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver also “just know” they will win the Cup. Edmonton won’t win the cup and still morns the loss of Gretzky. Winnipeg is just happy to have the NHL back in town.

5. Dinner and Dysfunction

When Canadians visit family for Thanksgiving dinner, shoes are left at the door, the turkey is cooked in the oven – not in a deep fryer – and it’s not likely that marshmallows are included in any of the dishes served at the table. And, as it is on both sides of the border, family chaos and dysfunction, over eating and over drinking abounds in every household.

Here’s to wishing our Canadian family and friends a blessed Thanksgiving Day and week.

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