"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

Monday 5 Things…..More…..

An almost full moon lit the night sky. Epic, mountainous cumulous clouds traversed the midnight vista, changing shape with the wind-stream towering over an angry ocean. Never have I seen a night sky like this. The simplicity of the silent lunar-lite cloud show was breathtaking and stopped me in my tracks; the moonlight casting shadows over a historic building that few understand the significance of to America. All served to make me take pause, to appreciate the moment, to center a cluttered mind. To appreciate how much more this evening meant to me. More. More longing to find – no – to appreciate and create moments like that, ones which are often right before me that I fail to recognize. More moments like that. More of what is really important to me. With the radio off and in the silence on the drive back to Savannah, today’s M5T took shape.

1.  More Simplicity.

As I get older, the more I realize the profundity of the adage that “less is more.” Less clutter of “things,” more of the people and environments that give me peace. More stopping and taking time to dangle my feet in warm water under the moon. More deep and meaningful conversations with the most significant people in my life. Stripping away shallow needs and fears that I’ve pointlessly held onto for years. More peace. More comfort and being content with who I really am.

2.  More Creativity.

Take more time to use that other side of your brain. Be proactive to design opportunities to engage in the act of creating… to let things take shape. To let creativity fulfill, excite and challenge. More creativity sanctions, more connection with ideas, people and thoughts. More creativity presents occasions for space to grow, to play, and to surprise ourselves and others.

3.  More of being in the Present.

Being in the present quietens our mind, replacing chatter and clutter with focus. It lets us appreciate ourselves. It gives us time to breathe, to slow time down and to appreciate all that we have in our lives. More of the present lets us recalibrate, to recognize changes in our lives. More of the present gives us the liberty to risk, to love and to trust.

4.  More of your Dreams.

Our dreams give us purpose, direction and meaning. Dreams define, guard and preserve who we are. They shape our choices in life; building and moving us toward our future. More time with our dreams creates in us a sense of control, enveloping ourselves with hope, releasing inner desires that move, motivate and inspire ourselves and others. Dreams create clarity of vision, focus our ambition, and can be a call action to overcome obstacles that get in our way.

5.  More Gratefulness.

A mindset and heart set of gratefulness provides opportunities for more empathy and less aggression. It creates deep relationships with others. Gratefulness allow us to celebrate the present and to be healthier physically, emotionally and spiritually. Gratitude blocks the toxicity of negative thought and emotions. More gratefulness leaves little room in our lives for stress, slowing us down and focuses us on others. Gratefulness can be a catalyst for positive change, for healthier self-worth and makes us more resilient, more relaxed, optimistic and kinder.

Here’s to a week of More.

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