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Monday 5 Things…..Words – Redux…..

For a multitude of reasons and experiences (and while I have always tried to place great focus and thought into words) this past week I have been inordinately focused on words.  Written, and spoken by me and by others.  The intent and meaning of words; the misunderstanding of words; the power of words to uplift and destroy… The impact of written words; words that should not have been said and words that were left unspoken that should have been said.  Today’s M5T is a redux, a tweaked addendum if you would be so kind to allow, to my thoughts on words from three years ago.

I was listening to the song “Word Up” while driving to Atlanta last week and realized that the rhyme “Sticks and Stones” had it all wrong. Spoken or written words can hurt.  Words can purify thought or ignite unhealthy desire, build someone up or tear someone down, or can make us cry with joy or weep with sorrow. Having nothing else to do on the mind-numbingly boring drive along Highway 16, I deliberated about the importance of words.

1. Strength

The softest of words can quell the loudest of arguments. A tender word can repel and extinguish the strongest of anger. Soft words can take command and control. The right words can bless, can relieve and can heal a broken heart.

2. Truth

"Word" can be a word of honor, integrity, honesty. How often do we hear – “take my word for it”, or “his or her word is a bond” or “I give you my word.” How many people do we know that we really believe their word?

3. Gift 

How precious is the gift of just the right words from someone at just the precise moment of need? How often have we knowingly missed the opportunity to give someone the gift of a positive word? The most treasured gifts I have received are not the most expensive. Rather, the most treasured gifts have been those that are come from the hands and heart of someone that cares about me.

4. Power

Who hasn’t been on the receiving end of spoken or written words made in haste or anger from someone close to us that stab deeper than any stiletto and with more precision than a surgeon’s scalpel? How many times have words come out of your mouth that you regret as soon as they leave your lips? How many times have you wished you could find the words to apologize but couldn’t? How many missed opportunities have you had to tell someone that you love them that have gone unspoken?

5. Exponentiality

I wonder how many words must be spoken and written in a day. Twenty years ago, it was said that there was more information in one Sunday New York Times, than a person would learn in their lifetime in the 18th century. What does that mean today when we consider the various types of communication that we are barraged with each hour of each day?

King Solomon said it best in Proverbs 16:23-24. “A wise man’s heart guides his mouth, and his lips promote instruction. Pleasant words are like honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.” Here is to a week of using words to build people up, to heal, to forgive, to change perspectives, and to love.

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