"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

Monday 5 Things…..Mutatio Perspectiva…..

Disjointed. Hectic. Frayed. Frantic. Knotted. The juxtaposition of the chaos of the back of a tapestry that is necessary for the beauty and richness of an arras when viewed from the front. How often does our inner life resemble the back of a tapestry? I came across “The Tapestry Poem” this week and realized I was feeling very much like that. Often we need a change in perspective to see the beauty that is seemingly created from chaos that surrounds us, much of which we create ourselves. And quite often, that change in perspective doesn’t require much effort. If we simply move away from behind the disarray, the mess, the confusion and position ourselves head-on in front of the chaos, more often than not that change of perspective will often reveal beauty, reason and purpose to what we are facing. Today’s M5T considers some personal changes that I am trying to adopt in my life as we enter into the second half of this year.

1. A life of Gratefulness

So often we focus on the negative in our lives; overlooking all that we have to be grateful for. Everything happens for a reason and living a grateful life is a choice… a mindset. We can take the good and bad in life and be thankful for what we learn from each experience. We can consciously embrace the positive and negatives of our relationships, and love unconditionally with purpose and gratefulness. We can consciously appreciate the abundance that we possess, and not take for granted all that we have. If we change our perspective, and but open our eyes and hearts, we can recognize and be grateful for the blessings, miracles and divine appointments that are in our lives, each and every day.

2. A life of Generosity

A generous life is an intentional life. Changing our perspective to a mindset of generosity opens our eyes for more opportunities to give, to share and to love. There is joy and harmony that comes from being generous… without strings… without confines… without question. Generosity goes beyond just money. We can be generous with our time, our knowledge and our love. Generosity is an action. An intent, a choice, and can define what moves our hearts.

3. A life of Grace

There is nothing more humbling than giving or receiving undeserved and unmerited redemption, love, favor, kindness, tenderness and forgiveness. There is an inner peace that can be found from the change of perspective that comes from forgiving with grace. There is profound, deep-set humility that comes from receiving grace when you know you are undeserving. Giving or receiving grace allow us to live a fuller life of commitment, compassion, intent, perspective and purpose.

4. A life that is Genuine

Definitely a work in progress in my own life. Being genuine means not getting caught up in other people’s lives, and avoiding listening to or spreading gossip about others. It’s a change in perspective to understand your purpose, your calling in life and ignoring that inner hollow need to impress others. It’s learning to deal with the hurts, abuse, exploitations and baggage of your past. It’s being comfortable in saying no to others without guilt; asking for forgiveness or embracing the power of forgiving others and moving on with your life and your dreams. It’s being self-aware; recognizing when you are being unauthentic and altering your behavior. It’s seeking and asking for help, and then working through the gut-wrenching work to change. It’s embracing vulnerabilities, understanding the core of who you are, not letting position or others define you, and being steadfast in your dreams. It’s choosing principles over popularity, laughing and crying without shame, and being emphatic and emotive. It’s about having an opinion, being sincere and learning to truly, deeply and passionately trust and love despite your fears.

5. A life of Gravitas

More work in progress here. A change in perspective is all the more needed in times of uncertainty, instability and superficiality. Learning to handle all the stresses, inconsistencies and confusion of life with gravitas means facing those issues head on with the dignity and seriousness deserving of each situation. Learning to hope, to listen and go genuinely deep with conversations… deciding not to pass judgement because everyone — no matter how they project outwardly for their lives — has inner points of pain. A life of gravitas is respecting others, being trustworthy with a sense of purpose, having authority through depth of character, and being a rock… whilst openly admitting you are not perfect, and nor are you a saint. It’s also having a sense of mission; purposefully taking steps to grow, to learn, to heal. Accepting who you are and then learning to be comfortable with yourself. Living with gravitas is a life of being able to trust yet verify without cynicism, tempering seriousness with humor, creating stability for yourself and others, all the while accepting calculated risks and having conviction with flexibility.

Here’s to a week of the appreciating the chaos and beauty of your own tapestries in life. And here’s to your changed perspectives.

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