"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

D. Paul Graham contemplates some of the world's mysteries.

Monday 5 Things…..Mysteries…..

It is a rare day when I listen to music whilst tickling the red line in the pony.  On a spirited drive up in SC recently I listened to U2’s “Mysterious Ways” at a volume competing with the eight cylinders screaming behind my head.  Taking a caffeine break at the counter of one of my favorite diners, I jotted down some of the things in life that are enigmatic to me… hence M5T considers mysteries on this very Monday morning.

1.  Music

It is a fascinating mystery how music can immediately touch us at the core of our emotions.  An upbeat piece of music can raise our spirits and a downbeat piece can cause us to become introspective or saddened, or a song from our past can release memories un-thought of for years.  I often can’t remember where I’ve left my keys but when a song hits a memory I can recall lyrics, drum rolls, smells, people, thoughts and feelings from decades ago.  It is a mystery to me how, after all these years and countless times hearing songs, that I can still be brought to tears by Cohen’s “Alleluia”, Harrison’s “While My Guitar Gently Weeps”, Spafford’s “It Is Well With My Soul”, Vaughn or Streisand’s  “Send In The Clowns,” Pavarotti’s “Nessun Dorma”, Davis and Coltrane’s “Kind of Blue” and Floyd’s “High Hopes”, to name but a few.

2. Fun

It’s a mystery to me that pizzas are round, pizza boxes are square, and pizza slices are triangular.  Why do I tell myself I don’t need to write something down and then forget the matter an hour later?  Why did I fight having a nap as a kid yet relish my midafternoon naps today? With all due respect to my northern friends, discounting the easy answer of copious amounts of alcohol, why do so many derive so much joy taking an hour to layer up with clothing to go high atop a mountain only to speed right back down on waxed boards, huddle over a hole in the ice to catch a fish or hurtle at speed through frozen air on snowmobiles? Why do people post social media pictures of themselves with fake ears, cat and dog noses or bubbly things circling their heads?

3.  Life

It’s a mystery that so many hate what they do every day and have forgotten how to even think about following their passion or dream.  That uncertainties and fears can be so binding when clarity and freedom is but a risk away. That so much tranquility can be found in solitude, yet so much pain is found in loneliness.  The mystery of art, creativity, and passions.  That so many pursue things in life that will never satisfy, yet ignore the things that are the most fulfilling.  Choosing sadness over happiness.  That we live secretly in the past, forgetting to live fully today. That so many cannot see just how beautiful they are.

4. Faith

The mystery of redemption through a sacrifice on a cross.  The promise of eternity.  The faith of a child, faith in the unseen and faith in the power of a mustard seed.  Unanswered questions of pain, sorrow, and evil.   The mysteries of peace, forgiveness, grace and unconditional love.

5.  Women

Sorry, I got nothing here.  One of life’s most profound mysteries.  ‘Nuf said on that.

Here’s to a mysterious week and all that may entail for you.

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