"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

.....Overheard at Amelia.....

Monday 5 Things…..Overheard At Amelia…..

 The past few weeks have been rich in all things automotive for me, and this last weekend I had the opportunity to photograph the Amelia Island Concours d’Elegance.  Amelia is considered one of the best Concours’ in North America and it didn’t disappoint. The perfectly manicured fairways of the Ritz Carlton Hotel were transformed into green backdrops for some of the most beautiful and rare automobiles in the world.  The past few days were a perfect way to put some stress behind me and literally focus on photographing automotive magnificence, and as I often do, I found myself interloping on conversations as I meandered amongst the vehicles.  Today’s M5T takes a lighter note than past weeks, and shares some of the more memorable snippets of conversations I pilfered walking around under the northeast Florida sun.

1.  Turtles and Cars

Son:  Leaning over the bridge, pointing into the water: “Dad, look.  Turtles”.  Dad: “Let’s move it along son. We have lots of cars to see.  You can look at your turtles when we get home."

2.  Boys and Their Toys

Woman talking to another.  Pointing at a man passionately engrossed in a conversation with the owner of a Porsche 356. “Look at him.  I swear he loves cars more than me.  He can’t remember our anniversary but can remember every nut and bolt he has put into that damn car of his."

3.  Girl Friends and Jaguars

Girlfriend (could perhaps be well be on her way to becoming the ex-girlfriend): Rolling her eyes, letting out an overly dramatic sigh.  “Is this all there is?  A bunch of cars?  How long do we have to stay here? Where can I get a drink?”  Boyfriend: Clearly ignoring the drama but seeing I had overheard, gives me a pained look, shrugs his shoulders and he walks off toward the line of Jaguars.

4.  Ice Cream and Ferraris

Son: “Dad, will we ever own a Ferrari?”  Dad: “No we won’t.”  Son: “Why not?”  Dad: “Because I married your mom.”  Daughter: “I’m telling mom you said that.”  Dad to his daughter: “Here’s $20 bucks.  Go find some ice cream or something."

5.  Memories and Love

Older gentleman slowly pushing his wife in a wheelchair.   They stopped in front of a 1958 Cadillac convertible.  Tightened fingers as they held hands looking at the car and then a big smile as she looked up at him and he stroked her hair.  No words were needed.  I could fill in the blanks from the smiles.

Here’s to a week of finding beauty in all that crosses your path.

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