"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

.....A (nother) Monday Manifesto.....

Monday 5 Things…..A(nother) Monday Manifesto…..

Early this morning, I had to change this morning’s preamble to Monday 5 Things before publishing. I realized it was too raw, too dark and didn’t contribute to the positive messages that I hope to share in each M5T. A few years ago, at a particularly low point in my life, I wrote a “Monday Manifesto”. Over the past few weeks, I have been profoundly introspective, taking a deep dive into what my vision is for my life and assessing how I’m living compared to that vision. If you will allow me to share as you start this day and this week, here is my Monday Manifesto, Version 2.0.

1. Time.

I will be more conscious of how I use my time in a day. I will prioritize my goals and dreams over the demands and expectations of other. I will plan to achieve my goals but will focus on the process and let the results reveal themselves. I will be flexible to change. I will eliminate clutter.

2. Create.

I will challenge myself to be more creative in all areas of my life. I will consciously seek out and take calculated risks. I will accept thoughtful critique but disregard ignorance, uninformed criticism or nay-sayers. I will actively seek out inspiration from the lives and work of others. I will foster curiosity, challenge myself and consider other perspectives. I will learn from my failures. I will continue to ask why and probe deeper.

3. Victory.

I will celebrate even the smallest of successes. I will embrace the lessons learned from trials, tribulations and my failures, but will focus on my victories. I will nurture and work to build on my strengths. I will be bold and shake up the status quo of my life. I will win by swallowing my fear, persevering and going above and beyond expectations of others.

4. Relationships.

I will strive for clarity of my needs and untangle complexities. I will rethink how I trust and love. I will continue to say no to activities and people that waste my time. I will listen more than I will talk. I will not be afraid to ask for help when I need it. I will foster passion, laughter, openness, and respect. I will practice grace with others but will be relentless in removing toxic people in my life who just want to take.

5. Choices.

I choose to live a full life, not just exist. I choose to overcome laziness in thought, word, and deed. I choose to step out and start things before I think I’m ready. I refuse to be defined by my past or by the expectations of others. I choose to be unapologetic for high standards. I choose to try and make a difference – every day. I will continue to seek wisdom and truth. I choose to be appreciative for the blessings that I have in my life. I will continue to choose to persevere; with my vision, my growth and my faith.

Here’s to your personal manifesto.

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