"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

.....Verba Pandemus.....

Monday 5 Things…..Verba Pandemus…..

Psychologist Jerome Bruner was quoted as saying “We are story telling creatures and as children we acquire language to tell those stories we have inside us.” This pandemic certainly has given fodder for young and old to regale stories of experiences during Covid. I have always loved a good story and enjoy a witty play on words. This morning’s M5T shares some of the words that will form stories about this contagion for generations to come.

1. Growth.

Covid-19 may be where it all started but Corona-10, Corona-15, or the dreaded Covid-25 will be the next surge. Yes, that’s right. The next wave of this pandemic will be the amount of weight gained during time at home and from all the healthy eating that you didn’t do over the past six months.

2. Swapped.

Covid has replaced FOMO, the fear of missing out, with JOMO, the joy of missing out. Surfing WebMD and convincing yourself that you have the most esoteric of illness, has been swapped out with ‘Doom Scrolling’. The same end result but with a epidemic focus. Road Rage between belligerent drivers on highways and byways has been supplanted by ‘Coronattacks’, which are the phenomena of fisticuffs that break out from differing opinions, most commonly, in the mask / no mask debate. Catalysts for positive change have been superseded by Coronanalytics; the irrational behavior of thinking (read dreaming) of how much you will achieve during lock-downs from the office when in fact the only change you’ve had is contributing to the increased view-time stats for Netflix, Amazon, and YouTube. See also Covid-25 above.

3. Tippling.

The pandemic has been responsible for an increase in drinking and the introduction of a number of new libations. Some would argue, home schooling and extended time with significant others may be the reasons for blitzes on livers. The CDC and Fauci have been silent on the actual statistics. Virtual Happy Hours have been a means to have a drink, or seven, with friends on any night of the week. I understand most employers have frowned upon imbibing during work hours while attending Zoom meetings. Pandemic Punch, Quarantini’s, and Coronarita’s are but a few of the beverages you may be enjoying during these times; hopeful not as you are reading this M5T in the morning. As we have started to venture outside, Walktails have become popular exercise activities by taking your alcohol of choice in a glass, cup, bottle or can and strolling your neighborhood, cheering your neighbors from a distance. For those M5Ters who don’t live in Savannah, we have had legal Walktails in the historic district for many years before Covid.

4. Relationships.

Covid has impacted relationships on every level. Relationships between spouses and significant others are challenged, stretched, strengthened or weakened as they deal with spending much more time together than they may have ever had before being locked down. Kids have missed interactions with their friends at school. Employers and employees are finding new ways to lead, interact, and be productive. Social distancing, which is anything but ‘social’, has made dating almost impossible with many of the typical dating places and activities closed. Dating Apps and FaceTime have seen a dramatic increase for people wanting to meet other people. See also ‘Virtual Happy Hours’ above.  Being 'Zumped' to end a relationship via Zoom is a part of life now and ‘Covidivorces’ may spike when this pandemic has passed.

5. Forthcoming.

First there were ‘The Greatest Generation’, ‘The Silent Generation’ and ‘Post-War Cohorts”. Then ‘Baby Boomers’ and ‘Gen X’ers’. They were followed by ‘Millennials’ and ‘Gen Z’ers’. This pandemic will deliver up ‘Coronababies’, who in turn will become ‘Quaranteens’, and, in a few years, a collective generation of ‘Coronials’ will be leading the country. It is yet to be seen the amount of therapy this generation will need after dealing with the pandemic fear, facts and myths, social distancing, masks, hands scrubbed raw, and avoiding hugs with families and friends.

Here’s to a week of words that will shape our stories, our lives, and our future.

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