"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

.....High Hopes & Division Bells

Monday 5 Things…..High Hopes & Division Bells…..

“Encumbered forever by desire and ambition / There’s a hunger still unsatisfied / Our weary eyes still stray to the horizon / Though down this road we’ve been so many times.” Lines from the song “High Hopes” found on one of my favorite Pink Floyd albums (yes one of my favorites, even sans Roger Waters to any PF purists reading this), The Division Bell. The division bell is rung in the British parliament when there is a call for a vote. When the division bell echoes through the august houses of parliament, decisions are made; directions are taken that impact a nation. I was reminded of this last week, whilst driving to the center of the sweet onion universe. I deliberated once again on high hopes and division bells as I sang along, playing the song over and over in an attempt to take a break from the clamor of news-talking-heads on the radio. Today, M5T is an updated redux that muses over division bells, the high hopes of ambition, the hunger for high achievement, and the need for wise decisions for a nation.

1. High hopes need a division bell.

A decision point, a call to action. Defined goals that stretch far beyond hidden hopes and dreams. Achievement of those goals can only be realized with focused resolute commitment and single-minded persistence to follow through.

2. High hopes require wisdom.

Decisions germinate from a cause, a need. Wisdom comes from listening, using our time wisely, and surrounding ourselves with good people. Every decision affects our life and the lives of those around us. Wisdom gives us the clarity to recognize when to act, or when to patiently regroup and wait for the division bell to be rung another day.

3. High hopes demand that we never stop learning.

By reading voluminously and voraciously. By stepping out of our comfort zones. By falling, failing, and picking ourselves back up. By looking at every moment, every opportunity, and every obstacle as a fortuitous prospect for growth. By recognizing that if history is ignored or forgotten, then we shall be condemned to repeat it. By questioning, pushing limits, parameters, or expectations, that are often dictated by others that stand in the way of our goals.

4. High hopes compel us to appreciate ourselves.

To recognize our own inimitable gifts, our unique set of talents, a flair for doing something others can’t do or won’t do, our inventiveness, aptitude, or artfulness. And then unabashedly exercising these gifts without apology or false humility.

5. High hopes call us to care about ourselves and others.

Deeply, profoundly, intently, and with purpose. Care about what you create and the value you add. Care about those that have differing world views. Care enough to listen and try and understand. Care enough to have a voice.  Care enough to take a stand and make a difference for yourself and for all those that cross your path.

Here’s to a week of heading the call of your own division bell, keeping your eyes on the horizon, making a commitment to high achievement, and of high hopes for peace and betterment for a world that is in chaos.

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