"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham


Monday 5 Things…..What?…..

Sitting properly socially distanced, I thoroughly enjoyed a proper Australian brunch at Collins Quarter this past Saturday. I was thankful that my friends Anthony and Rebecca Debreceny (along with other restauranteur friends of whom I am anxiously looking forward to visits over the coming days and weeks) have been able to start making a living again serving fine food. Relishing my public solitude, I savored every bite of my ‘Leo’s Big Breakfast’ and whilst looking around at the other diners I had two thoughts: (1) I was inordinately thankful to be eating out again; and (2) social distancing did not prevent me from listening in, or more correctly, observing a couple at the table across from me having a bit of a tiff. He was clearly on the defensive and confused. Her body language displayed just how visibly furious she was at something, which apparently was him. Their conversation went something like this: “Him: What? Her: Pffff. Him: What? Her: Crossed arms with death stare directed at him. Him: What? Her: Rolled eyes.  Him: (more emphatically) What? Her: A tilted head followed by a somewhat dramatic and heavy sigh. Him: somewhat angrily WHAT??? (I immediately thought, “ohhhhh, that’s the wrong play buddy”) Her: another death stare while shifting in her chair, asking the server for their check.” I found this all rather amusing but then started thinking about those unanswered questions of ‘what?’. And just like that, this morning’s M5T took shape as I jotted down ‘what?’ questions to query and ponder in my life. Each of today’s 5 could be a M5T on their own, but I simply pose these ‘what’s?’ for your reflection on this Monday morning.

1. What will you give today?

What will you do with your time today? What will you do with your money today? What will you honor today? What will you give significance to today? What acts of kindness, generosity and encouragement will you extend to others today, without expecting anything in return? What will you do for someone else today, ‘just because’? What will you teach today?

2. What will you celebrate today?

What deserves to be celebrated today? What will you embrace today? What will you praise today? What will make you laugh today? What will you be grateful for today? What will you create today? What will you marvel at today?

3. What will you make happen today?

What do you have to say today? What will you influence today? What do you have to be deliberate about today? What will you change today? What will you refuse to quit on today? What will you purge from your life today? What will you adapt today? What will you learn today? What will you reflect today? What bridge will you burn today, just so you can’t turn back from the path you know you need to take?

4. What will you believe today?

What will you expect to happen today? What will you pray for today? What will you fear today? What words will you trust today? What wisdom will you try to gather today? What will you make clear today? What will you forgive today? What will you question today? What will you validate today? What will you do today to take another step toward your dream? What will you do to make your ‘one day’ today?

5. What is your superpower today?

What will give you focus today? What will you be compelled to do today? What strength from deep inside will you summon today? What good will you use it for today? What will you protect today? What will you fix or heal today? What will you be attuned to today? What will you do to make a difference today?

Here’s to asking, accepting and acting on whatever your ‘What’s?’ are in your life.

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D. Paul Graham is passionate about people, culture, photography and business. He has embraced his wanderlust with his travels around the globe and is at peace with his need for spirited drives in all things automotive.

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