"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

.....Some Assembly Required.....

Monday 5 Things…..Some Assembly Required…..

Ingvar Kamprad passed away in January of this year.  The founder of IKEA, he lived by the mantra that “most things remain to be done”, and changed an industry with flat-packed furniture that required assembly.  Speaking from experience, assembly from picture-based instructions wasn’t always as easy as it seemed, but Kamprad’s “Billy Bookcases” alone made an afternoon of assembly worthwhile for the large library of books I had accumulated over the years.   I realized that life can be like a “Billy Bookcase”;  holding many things, yet in order for it to be a proper frame, it needs to be consciously created, and shaped.  Assembled.  Today’s M5T looks at assembling a rich, fulfilled life.

1.  Start

Each day is a fresh start, a clean canvas, if you will and if you want it to be.  The time is today to make changes and shape a day that is enriching and satisfying.  Take some quiet time to simply think, to plan, to assess if you are building the life that you really want.

2.  Captive

Take each thought captive.  Learn to cultivate an attitude of gratitude that becomes a part of you.  Avoid toxic people and situations.  Don’t conform to what others want or expect of you.  Put aside petty complaints, hate, gossip, negative mindsets, and worrying about things you can’t change. Focus on situations and people that you can positively impact and influence.

3.  Opportunities

Determinedly create opportunities.  Question why you are doing things the way you are.  Don’t take yourself so seriously –  laugh a lot, at yourself and appreciate the humor that can be found in every day little things.  Read.  Think.  Believe in yourself.  Focus on what is important for your dreams and then take action to move toward your dreams.

4.  Forgive

Forgive yourself.   At times you may not follow the directions that are right in front of you.  You may need to break some things down and rebuild.  Declutter from the weight of the past, the guilt of mistakes, and the fear of failure.

5.  Passion

Be persistent in pursuing passion in your life.  Work at what you want and then work hard at it.  Be tenacious in getting the big things in your life right.  Be steadfast in knowing when to let the little things go.  Figure out who and what inspires you.  Learn to be compassionate to others and develop deeper truer relationships.  A passionate mindset is a choice.  You can choose to design, build, and assemble your ideal day.  Today.

Here’s to a week of assembling a rich, full and resolute life.

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