"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham


Monday 5 Things…..Postponed…..

Today’s M5T would normally celebrate all things Padraig, but alas, the venerable 196th St. Patrick’s Day parade has been cancelled in Savannah. My guard-moose, Mountie, (pictured here) managed to buy the last face mask in the Lowcountry and has taken up a defensive position to protect my stockpile of TP, disinfecting wipes and paper towels. Today’s M5T responds to current trends, and has likewise been postponed due to Corona, Covid-19, and the potential and pending zombie apocalypse. Until next week. Wash your hands. No. Really. Wash your hands!

1. Postponed.

2. 推遲了.

3. Rinviata.

4. Pospuesta.

5. Aufgeschoben.

Here’s to a week of being smart but calm, clean without removing your fingerprints, and may the things you spread be limited to papers and files on your bed — ala Howard Hughes in the penthouse of the Desert Inn — as you “work” from home. We all know your “work” will include spreading memes about Purell, hamster and TP videos, and debates on how a pandemic would be handled by “The Office”. Oh, and until next year, Slainte (which has deeper meaning right now) and Erin Go Bragh! Go wash your hands. Seriously. Have you given much thought to what is on your phone, iPad, and computer keyboard? Go wash your hands!

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