"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

.....The Worth of a Life.....

Monday 5 Things…..The Worth of a Life…..

I found myself this past week thinking about life.  A lot.  A veritable roller coaster of working through some dark nights of the soul – and the general malaise and fog of despondency – coupled with the delight of time to myself to think, to feel and to sort things out.  A week to rediscover what life is not about and what it should be about.  Today’s M5T looks at the worth of a life.

1.  Past and Future

It’s not about your pain and hurt from the past; it’s about making decisions and changes today to live fully.  Be healthy and see your future.

2.  Knowledge and Faith

It’s not about the head knowledge that you compile or just about the things you can see; it’s about what you use to create, what you pass on to others and where you put your faith.

3.  Falling and Standing

It’s not about the number of falls or failures; it’s about how you keep finding the strength to pull yourself back up and keep moving forward.

4.  Friends and Real Friends

It’s not about what your critics say in love or hate, or the number of friends, thumbs or hearts on a screen;  it’s about figuring out who you can really trust and love.  Fully and fiercely.

5.  Mundane and Extraordinary

It’s not about the mundane or the ordinary.  It’s about making the most of everything in every situation, every moment, and building on that each and every day.

Here’s to a week of realizing and acting on the worth of your life.

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