"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

.....Big Buts.....

Monday 5 Things…..Big Buts…..

There are big butts, but there are even larger, and more ominous, buts in life. In his catchy 1992 ditty, Sir Mix-a-Lot professed his affection for larger derrieres. At this point, I shall entreat your forgiveness before we go on. As you read this, perhaps whilst sipping your caffeine beverage of choice preparing for the coming day and week, you may start humming Sir Mix-a-Lot’s praise of prodigious posteriors. This may continue for hours if not days, for which I remain sincerely apologetic.  However, (which may be a variation on today’s leitmotif of ‘but’) we shall forge ahead with no ifs, ands or buts about it, as this morning’s M5T ruminates on the more baleful ‘buts’ in our lives.

1. Buts are an Attitude.

Buts never seem to be affirmative. Buts breed negative attitudes, pessimism, and a lack of self-confidence. Buts are diversions to moving forward in life. Buts create a falsehood that the best days are in the past. Buts focus on shortfalls and shortcomings.

2. Buts are Restrictive.

Buts are self-defeating and can generate frustration and a sense of hopelessness. Buts block achievement of dreams, goals and success and are a wedge to a fulfilled life. Buts cheat expressiveness, vivacity, creativity, and self-expression.

3. Buts are a Habit.

Repetitive buts are warning signs in life. Buts become repetition of negativity. The more buts are used, the more difficult they are to give up, becoming an automatic response to any situation or challenge. Buts are the easy road to avoid conflict, risk and decisions.

4. Buts are an Excuse.

Buts breed excuses: ‘but I don’t have the money’; ‘but I don’t have the time’; ‘but I don’t know the right people’; ‘but I’m too busy’; ‘but my past is a mess’; ‘but I failed before’; ‘but I’m not educated’; ‘but I’m afraid’; ‘but I don’t deserve this’; ‘but it’s too hard’; ‘but this problem is too huge’; ‘but I’m stuck in this job’; ‘but you don’t understand’; ‘but I can’t handle this’; ‘but none of my dreams have ever worked out’; ‘but I’m stuck here’; ‘but it’s just not fair’; ‘but we’ve never done it this way’; ‘but I just can’t’. And on and on it can go.

5. Buts are Replaceable.

Buts can be turned around. Buts can be replaced with ‘I will’; ‘I should’; ‘I can’. Decide to exchange negative buts with positive thoughts and definitive actions. Make a choice not a but. Determine to commit to your life, your journey, your dreams.  Step out and take a risk. Be self-aware; swallow your pride and face your fears. In other words, get your head out of your but!

Here’s to a but-less week in all you set out to accomplish.

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