"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham


Monday 5 Things…..Thankful…..

Driving back from a place called Uvalda, Georgia this week, I decided to pull over and take in the setting sun over a field of cotton that had yet to be harvested. A stressful week slowly began to dissipate as I watched the sun quickly drop into the horizon. Leaning against the hood of the car, I began to think about Thanksgiving coming up so quickly, and about all that I have to be thankful for; jotting down some words that came to mind. Here are some of those words (some profound, others rather tongue in cheek) that let me focus on being thankful for what and who is in my life.

1. C Words.

Creativity – because it makes me feel alive. Cabernet Sauvignon – because I’m savoring a few glasses as I type this. Centered – because that’s what I strive for. Challenges – because they lead to wisdom and strength.  Carbohydrates – because, because…. I know, I know, I can’t help myself. Candlelight – because of the hopeless romantic in me. Counseling – because I needed it. Calendar – because I get to put 2019 behind me and start a New Year. Cow Bells – because you just can’t ever have enough cow bell!

2. F Words.

Faith – because it is the root of my life. Friends – because old and new, you have all impacted my life more than you realize. Fado – because every time I listen to it I cry and I don’t even understand the words. Fifties – because I am finally getting comfortable with who I am. Fear – because it challenges me, teaches me, and takes me out of my comfort zone. Façade – because I am learning to drop mine. Fallible – because I know I am. Free shipping – because of Amazon (thank you)! Food – because it provides warmth, nutrients, ambiance… and it allows us to bond with others; especially this week. Farmers – because they are the unsung heroes of what we are able to put on our table each day. Ferrari – just because.

3. P Words.

Photography – because it gives me fresh perspective, it makes me see light, texture, and people in renewed ways and makes me feel alive. Prayer – because it centers and focuses. It is talking with God, and it gives us time to think about others. Perseverance – because it creates dreams, defines purpose, and teaches patience. Paella – because of the Columbia Restaurant in Sarasota. Palmetto – because of the palms here in the south, and the Bluff in South Carolina. Porsche – just because.

4. T Words.

Thankfulness – because it’s good to recognize just how much we have and how abundantly we are blessed. TSA precheck – because I don’t have to take my shoes off anymore. Travel – because wanderlust has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Tachometer – because pushing that little needle up against a red line feels and sounds sooooo good. Technology – because we love it or hate it, most times both. Tears – because sometimes tears of sorrow or laughter are needed and shouldn’t be held back. Theater – because we can all appreciate a good thespian. Traditions – because they give us a sense of belonging, of community, of values, of celebration… they create memories, a sense of purpose, and a look back at generations before us. Telemarketers – there is no ‘because’ for these people; I was just checking to see if you had read this far.

5. W Words.

Wine – (see Cabernet Sauvignon in number 1 above). Women – because of their beauty, their strength, their vulnerability, their ability to nurture, the way they use honesty to clarify, and how they make us men so insane on so many levels. Watch Tower – because All Along it is one of my favorite songs. (It may still be a little too early to realize I worked in ‘wine, women, and song’ there…. just saying). Wonder – because I love being surprised or amazed by something or someone. Work – because it keeps me intellectually young, motivated, and challenged. Written – because nothing beats taking the time to send a hand-written note to show you care about someone or receiving a card or letter from someone that cares about you. Or simply taking time out to read; enjoying the texture of the paper on your fingertips as you slowly turn pages, marking the edges with notes, feasting your eyes on incredible images, and letting the written word permeate your mind.

Here’s to a week of giving thanks for the blessings of the things and people in your life and finding just the right words to let them know they are loved. Happy Thanksgiving to you all!

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