"Monday 5 Things" with D. Paul Graham

.....On Productivity.....

Monday 5 Things…..On Productivity…..

A couple of Monday’s ago, M5T considered how we use our time. We all share the constraint of having only 24 hours (or 86,400 seconds) in the day and I am constantly looking for ways to improve my productivity during the hours that my eyes are open. In this M5T redux, here are a few ways some of the worlds’ best and brightest made/make the most of their time in the day.

1. Take in a breeze.

It is said that Benjamin Franklin took an air bath each morning. Yup… butt naked for an hour in front of an open window each and every day, rain or shine, summer or winter. I suggest checking with your neighbors first before attempting this one. As Robin Williams’ character Parry said in the Fisher King, “Let the little guys run free!”

2. Take a note from musical geniuses.

Igor Stravinsky stood on his head between his time spent composing symphonies. Although, that might be hard to explain in your office. Pianist Glenn Gould fasted on days when he had a studio recording. Yeah, that one doesn’t work for me. Numerous illegal substances have been used by certain musical geniuses over the years, but, for the record, M5T cannot support anything stronger than coffee or Red Bull in your quest for increased productivity.

3. Take a page from authors.

Anne Rice wrote "Interview with a Vampire" while working all night and sleeping all day. She said it gave her better perspective on her dark characters. Maya Angelou couldn't write in a well-designed room. The poet preferred to write in plain, down-trodden motel rooms and waiting rooms. Ernest Hemingway, Charles Dickens, and Lewis Carroll, all wrote standing up. Mark Twain, George Orwell, and Truman Capote often wrote in bed to make their time writing more productive. If any M5Ters have success convincing their bosses of this one, please let us know.

4. Take a Stroll.

Aristotle, Dickens, Steve Jobs, Zuckerberg, Nelson Mandela, and Ghandi all were famous for their walks and often used this time for serious thought and meetings with others. Studies suggest that we spend over 9 hours every day on our gluteus maximus. In other words, get off your butt.

5. Take a nap.

Thomas Edison, Leonardo DaVinci, Churchill, JFK, Napoleon, Ronald Regan, and John Rockefeller were nappers. It is said they all slept four hours or less each night and were unabashed in their afternoon time-outs for power naps. Studies have shown that a good nap will boost your memory, cognitive skills, creativity, and energy level much more than a double shot of espresso in your grande latte. If you get my voicemail around 1:00 pm, I just might be working on boosting my energy and creativity for the balance of the day.

Here’s to a week of finding those things that make your days more productive.

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