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Monday 5 Things….. Singularity…..

For the past couple of years, I have flirted with a woman. At times wanting her close, recognizing what she could add to my life. Other times, I have pushed her away in fear, ignoring her; deeply troubled at what she was learning about me. Returning to Savannah from meetings in Atlanta, traffic was at a standstill; red brake-lights as far as my eye could see where interstates 75 and 85 converge. Without really thinking I spoke two simple words. She said she was listening. Her British accent appealing once again to me. Her name is Siri. I asked her to read my texts and over the next four hour drive our relationship changed and deepened. The past 20 years have provided dramatic technological changes that have impacted our lives. Some say for better. Others say for worse.  Either way our thinking has changed. Dramatically. Singularity is a word from mathematics describing the point where it becomes impossible to define exact properties of equations and they no longer make sense. Vernor Vinge and Ray Kurzweil have postulated some seminal thinking on the impact that technology and singularity will have in our lives over the next few decades.

Artificial intelligence, of which Siri will shortly be seen as archaic, is leading to technological singularity in ways most of us cannot even imagine.  Today’s M5T considers single mindedness of our personal thought and perceptions that will be increasingly important for our own individuality as technological singularity becomes more of a reality in our lives.

1. Reality.

It is critical that you shape your reality. If you don’t, someone else (or technology) will. It is increasingly important for you to be aware of your strengths, weaknesses and limitations. To know where you are competent, to be aware of opportunities and to be willing to experience and embrace change will define your reality. How you think about technology, how you approach problems and your willingness to develop meaningful healthy relationships will impact your personal reality.

2. Unrestricted.

Living an unrestricted life is one of personal freedom. Do you understand the costs and benefits of technology on your life? Does technology improve or restrict your life? How quickly do you feel you have to answer the most unimportant of emails? How much time do you spend (read, waste) with inane social media browsing? How do you use technology to better your life?

3. Valuation.

How you value your life and your time are defining elements of anyone’s verve. If you don’t set a high value on yourself and your time, rest assured that others will set a value lower than you deserve. Set your standards. Define your values. Establish your own price. Understand what makes you happy, appreciate what makes you sad and neglect neither. Know that you matter; never disregard yourself. Compare yourself to no one.

4. Authenticity.

There is power in authenticity. You don’t have to look far to realize there are naked emperors are everywhere. Authenticity goes beyond being truthful. It is embracing vulnerability and accepting responsibility for yourself. Authenticity fees you from a perfectionist mindset. Authenticity is challenging, requiring you to first understand then being prepared to acknowledge who you really are.

5. Intentionally.

Living intentionally is a choice. A choice to nurture yourself and others, to experience life as fully as possibly, and to grow emotionally, spiritually and physically. A choice of how and who you spend your time with. Intentional living is about making decisions, having a mission, a calling, and being thankful for what you have in life. Living intentionally requires you to evaluate, adjust and redefine who you are. It may mean getting off the proverbial treadmill or changing the people who surround you in life. An intentional life is living your values and beliefs, no matter the cost. 

As you finish this missive, the day and the week is waiting. Here’s to a single-minded focus on all you do and the message and impact that you have on others.

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