Meeting with the Mayor

After only a few months in office, our new mayor makes it clear he's not afraid to make the tough decisions.

Under the gold-leafed dome of City Hall, Mayor Eddie DeLoach is on hold with a furniture company. “Yes, I’d like to order three tables and 15 chairs,” he says to the anonymous woman on the line who probably has no idea she is speaking to the mayor of Savannah.

 While doing that he is simultaneously looking over various documents spread out on the large wooden table in the mayoral office, getting ready for a ribbon-cutting ceremony, and talking with his chief of staff, Martin Sullivan, who pops in and out of the room as if being summoned telepathically. Such is the life of a mayor who has the task of carrying the city into an era of renewal.

Though DeLoach has officially been in office only a few short months, it seems as if he’s been ready for this opportunity his whole life.

 Following the previous administration, DeLoach’s win comes at a very interesting time in Savannah’s history. The city is at a convergence of explosive commercial projects and a crime rate that has been steadily rising for years. These issues require something DeLoach based his entire platform around and will be extremely necessary in the coming months: decision-making.

“The biggest difference between me and the previous mayor is that I am not afraid to make the necessary decisions that move Savannah forward into the future,” said DeLoach. 

Blunt, bold and honest, Mayor DeLoach seems like the perfect leader to bring Savannah into the future. To read more about his first few months in office and his plans for the coming months, pick up the June/July issue of South magazine.