Medical Associates of Savannah

Established in 1969, Medical Associates of Savannah was originally a two physician Internal Medicine Practice. Today, Medical Associates of Savannah has grown to encompass a region which includes Southeast Georgia and the South Carolina Lowcountry. We have five locations, eight Board Certified physicians and four Board Certified Nurse Practitioners.  To reflect this growth in 2015,  the practice’s name will be changing to Hypertension and Nephrology Medical Associates.

In the advancing world of medicine, Dr. Keith Dimond and his team at Nephrology and Hypertension Medical Associates are staying up-to-date on all digital and technological advances. Dimond has been interested in medicine since he was 14, and got into nephrology (study of kidneys) because it “is the most interesting subspecialty, hands down.” Now, after 42 years in the industry, Dr. Dimond has seen it all and finds the interaction between himself and his patients the most rewarding part of the job. Investing himself in his patients’ well being only makes his and his team’s practice stronger. “We are on the cutting edge of our field and are always seeking out the recommended, best practice guidelines to best serve our patients,” Dimond said. “We are all board certified in Nephrology. We are honest, we care and we take the time to listen.”