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Sleep is an important and essential part of human life, recharging our brains and repairing our bodies. We've all read the studies and seen the results from lack of sleep. But many Americans continue to sleep on their old, worn-out mattresses and fail to make any action toward improving their sleep. They figure their aches and pains are a result of their daily routine and something they just have to live with. Quality sleep is reserved for vacation hotel rooms or a thing of the past. Studies have shown that in 8 years a mattress can double its weight from dead skin cells, body oils and sweat! Yet hand-me-down mattresses are considered the norm! The price of a new mattress or the hassle of finding one can keep many people at home trying to mask their old mattress with a ìtopper,î which simply disguises the lumps and provides only a temporary fix to the problem. In this generation, spending 1/3 of your life in your mattress seems like a joke, with many people working longer hours and finding less time for sleep. It is imperative then that restorative, rejuvenating sleep is achieved no matter how many hours are spent on a mattress. A more comfortable and supportive mattress can help solve many sleep troubles. But with so many mattress and furniture stores, it's almost impossible to know where to go.

For less hassle and more happiness, stop by Mattress Firm today. Their sleep experts will find the solution for your needs, rather than push the latest craze. Service and satisfaction should be major determining factors for where you purchase, not just price. It couldnít be any easier with Mattress Firmís 100 days to price match, honoring a 110 percent refund of the difference and their 100 days of happiness guarantee. Make the right choice to educate yourself today about your new mattress.