March Through History: Coastal Heritage Society Remembers the Battle of Savannah

When the dust had settled on the American Revolution and our fledgling republic began to write its own history, it reserved a special place for a chain of events that came to be known as The Siege of Savannah.  For more than a month, Savannah was the site of remarkable heroism and the first signs that the world was ready to join Americans in the fight for freedom.

It began with the British expedition into the South, fueled by a crumbling campaign against northern colonies. Redcoats swarmed the ports at Charleston and Savannah, finding little resistance from local militia. They captured Savannah in December of 1778 and held it with a force of thousands.

By September of 1779, American forces were ready to fight back with an international coalition at their back. Forces from France, Poland and Sweden joined colonial revolutionaries in a siege that lasted from Sept. 16-Oct. 18 and ultimately ended in defeat.

Their bravery was not forgotten, however, and one of the bloodiest battles of the revolution became a flashpoint.

That bravery will be remembered in a special Battlefield Memorial March Event hosted by the Coastal Heritage Society on Monday, Oct. 9. That date was chosen to commemorate one of the most significant days of the siege, when American forces and their allies staged a major assault that ended in failure, as well as in the death of famed general Casimir Pulaski.

The march will begin promptly at 7 p.m. at the Savannah History Museum parking lot (participants are urged to get there at 6:45 a.m.) and follow the route that soldiers would have taken on that historic day.

“There is something special about being on this ground at dawn and walking up the path at the same hour on the same day that these soldiers fought here,” said Emily Beck, Manager of Interpretation of Coastal Heritage Society. “That is what makes Battlefield Memorial March such a meaningful experience for our visitors.”

The march is free and open to the public. Following the march, there will be a wreath laying and remembrance ceremony at Battlefield Park, as well as light breakfast refreshment and coffee. The Battlefield Memorial March is made possible thanks to support from the Savannah General K. Pulaski Committee and Georgia Humanities Council.

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