Marc Jacobs: The Art of Great Fashion

What do Marilyn Monroe and Marc Jacobs have in common? 

“They both have that star quality, sex appeal, and vulnerability,” said Meredith Gray event co-chair of the Telfair Museums’ The Art of Great Fashion Committee.  The fashion show will run concurrently with the exhibit Marilyn:  Celebrating an American Icon that consists of over 100 images of Marilyn by famed artists as Cecil Beaton and Andy Warhol.

  Marc and Marilyn were both vulnerable, too, adding another layer to their connection. Not only is the union of two superstar icons a first for this event, but it is also being held at the Telfair Museums’ Jepson Center on Monday, May 5, at 7 p.m..  Director and CEO of Telfair Museums, Lisa Grove said, “We are so delighted to collaborate with fashion icon Marc Jacobs to produce The Art of Great Fashion event this year.  Timed to coincide with Fashion Week and the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s famous Costume Institute Ball, our event celebrates the true artistry of one of today’s leading fashion designers.”

The Changing Face of Savannah’s Signature Fashion Event

The Art of Great Fashion is a signature event for the Telfair Museums that started with a small group within the Telfair Academy Guild (T.A.G.).  Originally conceived in 2000 by Kathy Levitt, Trustee of the Board of Telfair Museums, the event was designed as a fundraiser featuring members of the board, museum members, and museum staff members. Kathy thought a fashion show would not only generate interest and boost ticket sales, but it would also be a way to celebrate women in honor of the museum’s founder, Mary Telfair.  She said, “I try to emulate Mary Telfair as much as possible.  When I first came to town and learned of Mary’s outstanding contributions in bringing the arts to Savannah and donating her private home—now Telfair Museums’ Academy—in the late 1800s, I wanted to continue to recognize her legacy.” In 2004, Kathy Levitt turned the event over to the Telfair Academy Guild and Elizabeth Biggerstaff took the lead on the event as the past President of T.A.G. and former event committee member.  This event has been held at the and at Oakridge at Landings Club, the Plantation Club at Landings, and the DeSoto Hilton in the recent past and some have said that those locations have been disconnected from the museums. For the full article pick up a copy of the April/May issue of South magazine.

Story by Paula S. Fogarty