Malcom Tully and his Blood Moon Photo

We had a feeling this one was going to garner some likes. So far, 1,064 of you (and counting) liked the photo we shared on Instagram of yesterday evening’s Super Blood Wolf Moon, courtesy of local photographer Malcom “Savannah Photo Dude” Tully. But maybe even more amazing is the story behind that photo, a true labor of love from a photographer who has been shooting since 1979.

And by “labor of love,” we of course mean, “he froze his butt off for this shot.”

“I was dressed in multiple layers, and I spent as much time as I could in the truck,” he said with a laugh. To get this beauty shot, Tully set up his Sony A7 III on a tripod, with a Canon lens with a 400 mm zoom just off the Ogeechee River near Love’s Seafood. He’d taken a shot of the moon earlier near the Tybee Pier, but the blackout conditions by the river made the perfect spot to capture the fiery reds and chilling whites of the lunar eclipse.

He froze his butt off for this shot

Of course, that also meant dealing with the chill coming off the river.

“I’d jump out of the truck to recompose the shot, since the moon was constantly moving,” said Tully, who didn't use any kind of specialized equipment for the moon shot. “You just have to know the limitations of the equipment you have.”

From 9:30 until close to midnight, he fought off the chill in pursuit of this gorgeous image, braving the un-Southernly cold. So when did he finally thaw out?

“I haven’t yet,” he said with a laugh. “But I’ll let you know when I do.”

Check out more of Tully’s work on Instagram, @savannah_photo_dude