Magic number nine

Magic number nine. No coincidence we had to pull a few rabbits out.

Our ninth year in publication brought a revolution to both South magazine and Southern culture. In 2014 it seemed the rest of the country began to wake up to the lure and romance of the South. Everyone wanted a piece of our style, a sense of our hospitality and a sip of our whiskey. Southern celebrities helped bring this Southern takeover to the forefront and South magazine had the pleasure of featuring many of them. From Chuck Leavell and Haviland Stillwell to the rowdy Southern boys of Florida Georgia Line, Southern celebrities stole the show in 2014.

Another showstopper was the launch of South’s newly redesigned magazine. We worked tirelessly to give our publication a facelift for the new age of Southern media. The result was a clean, yet gritty aesthitic that continues to resonate with our readers.