Lyn Avenue

As musical territory goes, it is widely accepted that Athens, Georgia, reins supreme. A mecca for musicians wanting to play at the 40-Watt or crossing their fingers that Michael Stipe might walk into the bar and watch their set; Athens has always been where the scene is. But let’s not forget Atlanta (who could forget Atlanta?), the capital of not only the state but also Hip Hop and R&B.


But let us make a case for Savannah as a music hot-spot, starting with the band Lyn Avenue. For years, we’ve watched the music scene in Savannah ebb and flow, musical genres bleeding into each other through pure creative intent. Lyn Avenue shows us that there are no rules for how country music should sound; if you are honest in your endeavors, music fans will take notice.


They started out as a pop punk band playing shows in basements. It wasn’t until 2011 when lead singer/songwriter Cc Witt wrote the song “Everyday Guardian Angel” that their sound started shifting more toward country and they began to embrace their Southern roots. “We loved what we were doing with the pop rock, but we hit a dead end with it and I naturally started writing country songs . . . and immediately people just started to ‘get’ us,” explains Cc. That isn’t to say they completely left the pop rock sound behind either. “We had someone describe our sound once as ‘Southern Pop’ and I always liked that description and, how country music is today, how pop everything is, we kinda fit in with that a little. Although we strive to maintain strong lyrical content and write songs about trucks and beer.”

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