Love Trump Hates Protest

On a cool fall afternoon, the Love Trump Hates Protest gathered in Wright Square in downtown Savannah to peacefully voice their distrust in President-elect Donald Trump, their concern for peace and war, and a call to action for the Democratic National Party.

About 30 protesters, ranging in age from toddlers to senior citizens, held signs and called for people to register with the DNC.  Though peaceful, many of the signs held by the protesters had an underlying tone of anger and hostility.

“Do No Harm and Take No S***”, “We Must Rise Up” and “Love Trump Hates” were just some of the slogans displayed in the square.

One particular protester stood out in the crowd, wearing a red Communist t-shirt and carrying a blank red flag.  When asked about his appearance, he expressed that communism is the road to eliminating the classes and finding peace among all people, even though, he added, it didn’t work in Russia.