Liquid Light & Wind: An installation by Esther Boller

At the end of May, a local fashion designer by the name of Esther Boller will be putting on a fashion/art installation.

This installation isn't a fashion show; it is a show about love and healing and starlight and hope. It's about light and connection. 

Five years ago, her brother committed suicide. At a young age, he was diagnosed with schizophrenia. This caused him to be extremely hateful and abusive towards Esther. Although it was not easy, she forgave him. Esther's first step towards healing was staring up at the stars in the sticks of Indiana; also, the inspiration for her show.

At first, Esther thought she would use broken glass in her collection. She found it comforting and beautiful to see light reflect and bounce off of something considered incomplete. The more she thought about it, though, she decided she did not want to look back at this time in her life, see her art and remember it as broken. So much so, she didn't want anything she created to give off the feeling of brokenness.

She wanted something more whole, something more healing. She decided on real crystals.

"She wanted something more whole, something more healing." 

Esther is using real Swarovski Crystals in her collection, who, she is ever so thankful to be sponsored by. "These crystals are the most sparkly, radiant things I've ever seen" says Esther, "and I couldn't be more excited to work with such materials!" She is incorporating the crystals into her collection, which she knitted fully and entirely by hand. 


Installation Details

​Etheral light. Requiem of the Stars. 
May 26 & 27. Arrive after 7:15 pm. Doors shut and show beings at 8 pm.
The One 15 – 115 E. Lathorp Avenue
Hannah Buchler (large scale fine art resin works)
Roberto Garcia (sound design)
Elena Romera  (installation lighting)
Graham Lewis (producer)
Zach Andrews (executive producer, writer)
Alex Diaz (show stylist)
Daniel Parow (videographer)
Emma Craft (back stage beauty photographer)
Esther Boller (creative director, fashion designer)

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