Life in the Landings

It’s not just buying property, it’s joining a community.

Of the many parts of Savannah Janet Miller, has lived in, The Landings has been her favorite. Her affinity for the neighborhood makes it her favorite place to sell real estate, because she knows she is selling people more than just the property they are going to live on. 

“I always tell people if you can think of any recreation, we probably have a club for it,” says Janet. There are accommodations for every lifestyle, and she admits that honestly, “sometimes you have to pace yourself.”

In addition to the perks of living amongst six championship golf courses, gorgeous nature trails and excellent dining options, The Landings is also an incredibly safe neighborhood to raise kids, which is indispensable to her as a single mother. The Landings allowed hers the freedom of riding bikes all day and trick-or-treating at every door on Halloween.

At the end of the day, the true value of The Landings for Janet is rooted not in its extensive amenities, but rather in its dedication to cultivating a vibrant community. “They work to keep residents informed on important issues, and they offer their residents a myriad of activities to keep people involved with their neighbors, from gardening, to bridge to paddle ball,” Janet explains. “That’s really what life is all about—getting involved and finding people to share your life with, making plenty of memories and enjoying yourself.”

Janet Miller is a real estate agent with Sotheby’s Realty. To learn more about her properties in The Landings, visit