Lee, Black & Hollis, PC

Attorneys Hollis and Jerry Black and the firm’s dedicated & exceptional staff of ten emphasize customer service & communication.

T.J. Hollis readily admits that real estate law isn’t the most glamorous line of work, and it can seem as though every firm is cut from the same mold. Lee, Black & Hollis has been setting itself apart for 65 years, though, and that wealth of experience brings a level of confidence to every commercial and residential closing that can’t be found anywhere else.

Attorneys Hollis and Jerry Black and the firm’s dedicated and exceptional staff of 10 emphasize customer service and communication to ensure all transactions — whether simple or complex — close smoothly.

Lee, Black & Hollis is known as one of the leading real estate law firms in one of the most dynamic real estate markets in the nation. Their approach is to deliver the highest-quality professional closing along with the ultimate in customer service. This dual approach – a cornerstone of the firm’s success in the residential closing field – has earned Lee, Black & Hollis the loyalty of real estate agents, lenders, and the public alike.

Lee, Black & Hollis attorneys also serve the business community with a full spectrum of corporate services ranging from the initial choice of entity and drafting organizational documents, to the dissolution and winding up of the business. In addition to providing general advice on business formation and operation, the firm’s attorneys regularly advise clients on risk management and asset protection issues, commercial leases, and financing. Whatever the nature of your need, Lee, Black & Hollis can provide guidance and resolution in an efficient and friendly manner.

Lee, Black & Hollis, PC can be reached at 912.355.1131 or visit lawsavannah.com / 7395 Hodgson Memorial Blvd. Suite 200 Savannah, Ga 31406 ;