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The Allure of Edisto Beach, Featuring Photographer Devesh Tripathi

Photographer Devesh Tripathi: “Botany bay area near to Edisto was one of my personal favorites, which unfortunately got severely damaged by back to back hurricanes. I could only witness its timeless beauty before it was devoured by Mother Nature’s fury. It was extremely upsetting for me and a huge loss for the entire community because it was a natural marvel, a beach unlike any other.”

The Lowcountry and all its charms- seashells and salt marsh alike- befit the allure of the Coastal South at Edisto Beach. Soaked in history, the state park’s Botany Bay is an homage to the history hidden in the midst of natural wonders. 

Camp under the stars before arising to the soothing crash of waves caressing the South Carolina shore on Edisto Beach. At this beachfront park, one of four in the state, you’ll find yourself fully immersed amongst the natural wonders of the Coastal South. If sand and sleeping bags may not be your style, rent one of several cabins along the edge of the salt marsh. A stone’s throw away are some of the park’s hiking and biking nature trails- the Spanish Mount Trail leads to a Native American shell mount, where discarded oyster shells still lie after hundreds of years. 

Venture over to Botany Bay, a plantation and wildlife preserve of 4,600 acres unmarred by man, for a journey to the days of sea island cotton. Alongside the thick forest of live oaks and freshwater ponds that stretch out to seashell laden beachfront, coastal wildlife abounds amongst surviving historical gems. With free admission visitors can explore the protected grounds on a 6.5-mile self-guided tour through the salt marsh and maritime forest to find remnants of the Sea Cloud and Bleak Hall plantations. Accessible through this trail is Botany Bay’s beach, scattered with sun-bleached trees, seashells and shark’s teeth for a picturesque view of the Atlantic. 

Open from sunrise to sunset, Botany Bay is available to the public but remains closed on Tuesdays and during scheduled hunts. Guests are also reminded to keep shells and other natural wonders where they find them. Discover this unique immersive experience into this impeccably well-preserved escape into the South Carolina Lowcountry.

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Photo / Keith Briley


Photo / Alisha Bube


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