Kyle got the Miracle of His Life

When Kyle Garrison needs a moment with God, he makes his way to the Tybee Island pier, preferably on a blustery day when he can be alone. That was the case in March 2012, when Garrison was going through the greatest trial of his life.

Doctors had found a tumor the size of a golf ball on his left temporal lobe, and although it was benign, it was wrapped around his brain like a vine and causing debilitating headaches with the potential for more serious side effects. Garrison didn’t have health insurance, so he needed to raise $100,000 to pay for surgery, and he needed it yesterday.

Years earlier, Garrison had given up a full ride to the University of Georgia on a pre-med scholarship because he was called to the ministry. Now he was making about $17,000 a year, and he was sitting on the pier angry and confused.

”It was just me and Him under the stars and I was kinda yelling at him and crying, saying ‘I gave this up for you, why aren’t you doing anything for me?,’” Garrison recalls.

God spoke to him in that moment and reminded him that he needed to tithe 10 percent to the church. He wrote his first tithe check that week, and within three months he had raised the money needed for his surgery.

The surgery was expected to require a six-month recovery process, but Garrison was back at the pulpit and playing piano within three weeks. Two years later, he founded Relentless Church in Savannah.

He’s not angry anymore, and he never misses a tithe check.