Kim Michael Polote: 9 Ways To Create Change

Change seldom comes without a struggle. It’s something everyone has to do for themselves, but a little help is always welcome. With a new record album called “Change,” Singer Kim Michael Pelote is using her music to provide a boost to those going through difficult transitions.  “No one can sing your song,” she says.  “Be willing to engage in a journey to discover who you are.” 


1. Faith to change.

Everything in life is always changing and we need to be comfortable with change and embrace it. More doors open as you step out into the world arm-in-arm with faith. We as a people, we like to know the next step. Sometimes you need to just call on faith and then go ahead and make the change.

2. Acknowledge connections.

You have got to disconnect in order to connect. Disconnect from Facebook and social media and anything with a screen. Connect with each other. Look someone in the eye as you pass and acknowledge him. Make those connections. Try to connect with three people a week. Do you have any idea what kind of impact that can have? The trickle effect can be so powerful.

3. No Law against positive goodness. 

Make deposits of positivity. It is important to play the right music in your head. Always embrace positive thoughts and move through your day with the promise to do good.

4. Unpack.

Remove the negativity from your life. Lighten your load by unpacking negative baggage: get rid of hate, pain and disappointment. Shuck it. Travel much lighter.

5. Learn. Grow. Repeat.

Draw from each trial. Learn from each mess. There is always a message. Do not be too busy focusing on the mess to hear the message. Everyone is going through something. Try to elevate them. Lift them up. Plant some seeds that you are willing to nurture, to water and to grow. These are the seeds of inspiration and these will have impact if you allow them to take root and thrive.

6. Selflessly Esstential.

Practice surrender. Each day is another chance to do something for someone else. Do right by this life that has been entrusted to you. This life doesn’t belong solely to you. Every day, I rise and I say: “Okay, lace up and get on board for what it is really all about.” Ask constantly: How can I help?

7. Love. Acknowledge love.

We are all ambassadors. All of us are called to go beyond ourselves and elevate the power to be ambassadors for goodwill, love and mercy. Show mercy to one another. We need more mercy. Practice grace in the midst of fire and love in the midst of hatred. This trickle effect is powerful. There is always a choice: always choose grace; always choose love.

8. Choose the right response.

Consider your response to how someone treats you. You cannot change them, but you can change how you respond. There is always a choice.

9. Be the solution.

Don’t let anything steal your  hallelujah. Nobody can sing your song but you. You don’t have to be like anybody else, just be yourself. Be willing to engage upon a journey to discover who you are. One person can be part of a solution, so be true to who you are.

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