Keeping You In The Game

Dr. John Batson knows athletes because he is one

Lowcountry Spine & Sport provides sports medicine and interventional spine care to the Lowcountry. They offer revolutionary platelet rich plasma therapy for arthritis care and orthopedic injuries. Essentially, they take platelets out of patient’s blood and inject them into aggravated joints or damaged tendons. The platelets accelerate healing, increase blood vessel formation, and heal connective tissue. They also offer procedures guided by X-ray to treat back pain and neck pain, arthritis and concussion care for athletes. They provide physical therapy, and pain management, among a whole suite of sports medicine and pain medicine services.

Dr. Batson is fellowship trained and board certified in pain medicine and sports medicine. He has practiced for more than ten years in the Lowcountry where he grew up. Batson graduated from Hilton Head High School and spent his early years windsurfing, kayaking, and working as a guide with Outside Hilton Head. That early love of watersports continued throughout his life. Batson kitesurfs and participates in competitive stand-up paddleboard races in addition to providing sports medicine that keeps Lowcountry athletes at the top of their games.

From 2011 to 2016, there were 8.6 million sports- or recreation-related injuries in the US. Dr. Batson is doing his part in making sure local athletes are getting back in the game.
Lowcountry Spine & Sport
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