Justin Bieber Crushed on this Savannah Fitness Trainer

This Savannian went viral overnight when Justin Bieber decided to message her.

Jessica Gober, the online fitness coach,has been labeled as the girl that broke the “Love Yourself” singer’s heart. He reached out through Instagram, on the Fitness on Broughton’s account where she works, wanting to know who the girl in the latest post was.

     Earlier, Jessica and a coworker were “talking about how they should use social media more.” Jessica grabbed an energy drink from behind the front desk and the girls shot a Boomerang post, uploading it then and there. That night Jessica saw Justin Bieber wanted to send her a message.

“The time will pass anyway, you can either spend it creating the life you want or spend it living the life you don’t want. The choice is yours.”

She screenshot the message in total surprise that a famous person found an account with just 70 followers, and uploaded it to her personal Twitter. From there everything changed. “I was in shock,” Jessica said. The backlash was minor, receiving mostly positive feedback from Bieber fans. “Social media is for sharing crazy things in your life.”  It looks like everyone on the internet has a crush now, too. Having gained around 70,000 followers across all social media sites, “I’m using this to my advantage now. I got lucky.” She has an online business that’s taking off with the rise of attention that stemmed from Justin Bieber wanting to know her name.

Jessica is an aspiring personal trainer. If you want tips, or training expertise, check out her website at jessgober.com.

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