Jones, Boykin & Associates, P.C.

Personal Injury

Our practice is devoted to helping everyday, hard-working people in need of legal help. Over the years, we have been fortunate to be able to help thousands of people who need representation—they have been injured or have had loved ones killed in automobile, truck and motorcycle collisions; and the insurance companies would not accept responsibility or do the right thing. Our firm regularly represents workers injured at manufacturing plants and at the Port, as well as people treated unfairly by businesses, big corporations and, on occasion, the government. We also maintain an active practice in the field of medical negligence. While monetary recovery is not always the sole indicator of success, this law firm has been able to obtain numerous settlements and trial verdicts of $1 million or more.   

I was born in Savannah and grew up in Pooler before it was the sprawl-burb that it is now. The friends I grew up with were the kids of hard-working, blue-collar, salt-of-the-earth types, who mostly worked at West Side industries and, in some cases, as farmhands on the surrounding dairy farms. I think this background molded my penchant for helping the underdog achieve a level playing field against seemingly more-powerful adversaries. Our firm’s motto is “Helping folks in Savannah for over 30 years.” I think that pretty much sums up our mission—we want to provide experienced legal help when people need it most.

Noble Boykin

213 East 38th Street, Savannah, GA