Jones, Boykin & Associates

Noble Boykin stays true to his roots and the community that nurtured him.

When Noble Boykin began practicing over 30 years ago, one of his first cases required him to represent a bank foreclosing on a home in Effingham County. After the foreclosure auction, an elderly woman in a white hat and dress who looked as if she was dressed for church, approached Boykin and told him that was her home. She wanted to know when she would be required to move out. She added that she bore no ill will and that she knew I was only doing my job. It was a pivotal moment. “I knew then I did not want to spend my career representing banks or corporations and that I would, from that point forward, do what I could to help working people and working families who had been wronged or who needed representation against larger, more powerful adversaries.”

For Boykin, it really is about making things right for ordinary people who need representation. “Our firm’s motto is ‘helping folks in Savannah for more than 30 years.’ I think that pretty much sums up our mission. Our goal is to provide experienced and competent legal help when people need it most.”

Over the years, Boykin has also represented many workers and longshoremen injured on the job, including one extended battle that he took all the way to the Supreme Court of Georgia. The worker, injured through no fault of his own, yet blocked for five years due to legal technicalities, finally got his just compensation.

“I feel fortunate,” Boykin says, “to be in a position to help ordinary people overcome tough situations and obstacles that prevent them from obtaining justice. It is our job to make these companies do the right thing, even if it takes a fight.”

Jones, Boykin & Associates can be reached at 912.236.6161 or visit / 213 East 38Th Street, Savannah, Ga 31401